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Scamner is a free security service made to rate the online reputation of a website.
Our aim is to help users to identify fake online shops and scam websites from the legit ones.

First check. Then browse.

Just type the name of the website you want to analyse in our search bar. Scamner will generate a free report about that website where we will explain you the potential risks that website might have for online shopping or browsing.
We highly recommend before you put your any of your personal information, credit card details or even browse a website to check here first to prevent any possible scam or virus infection. If our trust rating for a website is lower than 50% we advise you to avoid using it!

Last analysed websites

WebsiteRateLast updated
Animal Hospice of NY
14%30 seconds ago
Bahia Falcão
0%8 minutes ago
论坛 -
3%8 minutes ago
39%9 minutes ago
סקי פס - רשת חנויות ציוד סקי | חנות ציוד סנובורד
0%15 minutes ago
WebsiteRateLast updated
Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB)
10%16 minutes ago
Website Resource Limits Reached
0%16 minutes ago
4%16 minutes ago
302 Found
17%23 minutes ago
0%24 minutes ago
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Latest comments


    Just browing and they sent me products ..... confused as they did NOT have credit card, however they sent me a bill.....................(and the product)....they are in I have to pay this?


    Don't know for sure if the website is a scam but I'll try to find out as fast as possible for everyone out there to know I hope the website is not a scam I loved the shoes I ordered.


    It will send the product to you without you completeing any order for it and bill you then threaten you with debt collectors for the money and in my case I received the product on the Wednesday then the letter threatening me with the debt collector on the following Tuesday Mind you they said that I ordered the lash max on 27/6 late penalty fee on the 01/8 for being late with the payment then I got the product on the 25/8 the letter threatening me with debt collectors on the 30/8 and I paid for it today 01/9/16 big mistake


    I was sent out this 2xeyelash growth stuff, and for the love nor life of me can I remember ever placing an order for it, I do remember looking at it then starting to fill in my details, but changed my mind and stopped and went back to my mail inbox, but I know that I didn't fill in any payment options etc I had changed my mind before getting that far, and so, by going back to my inbox that meant that I had cancelled any further action with that email. WRONG.......Somehow this company continued to process the order, and next thing I have received the product in the mail. Not only that, but the next day I received an other letter telling me that I was late with the payment and if I didn't pay within 10 days, then they were going to send it to a debt collectors. This happened before I read about it being a scam and I'm sorry now that I paid it. They had better not send me any more, cause I will hang on to it to see if they do take it any further, then I will report them. You know its pretty bad when you can't have a look at something, change your mind, and then delete it,only for it to be sent out to you and being billed for it when you didn't want it in the first place but end up getting stuck with it anyway. Something should be done about sites like this one.


    Site don't paye. The threshold amount in this site is 6000 satoshis but when you want to withdraw they say to you that this operation must be verified by the site administrator before you recive your prize . But you will not receive your satoshis .

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