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Scamner is a free security service made to rate the online reputation of a website.
Our aim is to help users to identify fake online shops and scam websites from the legit ones.

First check. Then browse.

Just type the name of the website you want to analyse in our search bar. Scamner will generate a free report about that website where we will explain you the potential risks that website might have for online shopping or browsing.
We highly recommend before you put your any of your personal information, credit card details or even browse a website to check here first to prevent any possible scam or virus infection. If our trust rating for a website is lower than 50% we advise you to avoid using it!

Last analysed websites

WebsiteRateLast updated
O website 147,
0%13 minutes ago
Pasquinate - Il blog della satira politica romanesca
23%13 minutes ago
Ora Pe Glob Australia
21%13 minutes ago
Nuagenuage | Prenez de la hauteur avec Nuagenuage
2%13 minutes ago
Terreiro de Umbanda Tio Antonio
0%14 minutes ago
WebsiteRateLast updated
Diario de Coatzacoalcos – Todas las noticias en un solo lugar
0%33 minutes ago
The Website the Bookmakers Want to Ban! We know the systems that win - and the systems that lose. Football, Horse Racing, Lottery, Sports betting and more
8%33 minutes ago
Lung Fung | Restaurante lung fung especialidad en comida china y comida peruana
11%33 minutes ago
WebexSMS - Stay in touch with your customers
3%34 minutes ago
Online HowTo - Networking Tutorials, Programming Tutorials and Graphics Tutorials
53%34 minutes ago
Pages analysed so far 597991

Latest comments


    I bought a battery charger and the sale went through. They cancelled the sale very quickly and offered a refund. the refund was considerably lower than price I paid. The excahnge rate didn't account for the loss. I guess they are taking margins on cancelled products. looks very professional.


    RESGO is negligent for not booking our accommodations! They offered it to us in Oct 2015 & WE PAID FOR IT! Spent three months calling to confirmation booking dates for the holiday in Mexico so that we can book our flights to coordinate with the holiday we paid for. First asking us to send them faxes of our agreement etc. But not returning any calls since!!! Last call we made was to the voice mail again telling them that since they do no answer & avoid responding to requests for confirmation we are now wanting a refund. They have also ignored this too!!!! DO NOT DEAL WITH RESGO!!!


    This sites is scam and is fatal for the websites not is sure


    Superb products


    Very much disappointent in PEC. Me n my wife invested a lot of money. My wife was supposed to receive her investment September 2016, to date "dololo". As for me I can't even log in. PEC definately a scam South African n ppl around the globe.

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