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Scamner is a free security service made to rate the online reputation of a website.
Our aim is to help users to identify fake online shops and scam websites from the legit ones.

First check. Then browse.

Just type the name of the website you want to analyse in our search bar. Scamner will generate a free report about that website where we will explain you the potential risks that website might have for online shopping or browsing.
We highly recommend before you put your any of your personal information, credit card details or even browse a website to check here first to prevent any possible scam or virus infection. If our trust rating for a website is lower than 50% we advise you to avoid using it!

Last analysed websites

WebsiteRateLast updated
Ouvir Agora Radios Online
0%3 minutes ago
Planet Replicas Ltd, Brighton
2%3 minutes ago
MJ Fitness | Personal Trainers in Kansas City
0%3 minutes ago
Antarctic Ocean Alliance
43%3 minutes ago
David Mauro - Programmer and Designer
0%4 minutes ago
WebsiteRateLast updated
Darkside Media – Keep it Dark!
0%4 minutes ago
Denis Freitas
0%4 minutes ago
Hosted By | Webhosting made simple
0%18 minutes ago
Dream Gardens — Talking up the children's books we love: a podcast with Jody Lee Mott
0%18 minutes ago
0%18 minutes ago
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Latest comments


    They rip me


    i am a student. Financialy poor and only my aunt to look after me. i was in need of money but couldnt tell my aunt. once i got a notification congratulating me that i have won a great sum of money. wow. i thought it was a good opportunity for me to win my luck. so i open the notification. after filling some details i make 3 attempts as they asked and won 22400$. it said i can transfer it to my credit card but first i have to give some fee. it was only 3$. i had that much balance in my account. so i paid. next they asked me to again pay commision fee 8$. i didnt have that much money. but i didnt want to miss the chance to win money. so i lend money from a senior hoping i would be able to pay if i get the cash. And sadly after i made the second payment they again asked me to pay registration fee of 12$. that was so disappointing. i dont have that much money and i guess i cant have that much money. so i will probably quit here. its okay i miss the cash. i dont know whether it was a spam or true message. well whoever its doing i just hope they consider what they are doing. god is watching over us. remember. thank you. i will take this as a lesson.


    I need to get contact information for your company. I placed an order and has showed as pending for quite some time. I need to know if you have the flooring in stock.


    At least I am not alone, I thought I could catch up on my favourite girls an my "30 day free trial" instantly cost me 40 bucks! As others have said, when I try to enter, I am directed to register again! f***IN' THIEVING c***S!


    I cannot find the desired book that is shown in this web site from google search.

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