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Don't be scammed. Be aware!

Scamner is a free security service made to rate the online reputation of a website.
Our aim is to help users to identify fake online shops and scam websites from the legit ones.

First check. Then browse.

Just type the name of the website you want to analyse in our search bar. Scamner will generate a free report about that website where we will explain you the potential risks that website might have for online shopping or browsing.
We highly recommend before you put your any of your personal information, credit card details or even browse a website to check here first to prevent any possible scam or virus infection. If our trust rating for a website is lower than 50% we advise you to avoid using it!

Last analysed websites

WebsiteRateLast updated
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25%2 hours ago
Buy Facebook Likes and Social Media Services |
33%2 hours ago
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45%2 hours ago
Government Lockdown Funds
23%4 hours ago
Интернет-магазин электрокаминов и климатического оборудования в Минске
23%4 hours ago
WebsiteRateLast updated
evigocare.com_favicon - Support
23%4 hours ago
Hinuetente - Contact Us
13%4 hours ago
FSecure | Forex, CFD & Crypto
23%4 hours ago
Access denied
25%5 hours ago
Football Predictions, Tips and Stats | AFootballReport
63%5 hours ago
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    Best Mold Remediation Houston Company


    these guys are not scammers like other website in this business top website to use


    A good website


    This site is a fraud, i sign up and to get the money they ask you to have 30 referrals and if you don't have them you can buy them, once you purchase, you don't get your referrals and they never answer you. total fraud


    It's fake and their to take your money and run away. From dayone I paid , none comeback by call or email despite of several emails sent them Please be careful while dealing with them

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