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Scamner is a free security service made to rate the online reputation of a website.
Our aim is to help users to identify fake online shops and scam websites from the legit ones.

First check. Then browse.

Just type the name of the website you want to analyse in our search bar. Scamner will generate a free report about that website where we will explain you the potential risks that website might have for online shopping or browsing.
We highly recommend before you put your any of your personal information, credit card details or even browse a website to check here first to prevent any possible scam or virus infection. If our trust rating for a website is lower than 50% we advise you to avoid using it!

Last analysed websites

WebsiteRateLast updated
صفحه اصلی - کانون وردپرس
23%21 minutes ago
bemedsupply.com_favicon | Medical Supplies, Equipment, and Pharmaceuticals
27%54 minutes ago
Resume Bot – Freelancer's Hub
23%54 minutes ago
▷ CIBI SENZA【alimenti senza glutine, lattosio, allergeni】PRODOTTI - schede
23%55 minutes ago
Online Pharmacy & Prescriptions UK | Click Pharmacy
33%56 minutes ago
WebsiteRateLast updated
شرکت تصفیه آب و فاضلاب گروه صنعتی هفت - تولید کننده تجهیزات تصفیه آب و فاضلاب
23%more than 1 hour ago
Home of The Hillside Chamber of Commerce
31%more than 1 hour ago
522 Origin Connection Time-out
25%2 hours ago
우리카지노 | 우리카지노계열 | 카지노사이트 | 온라인카지노
23%3 hours ago
Bitpakcoin (BPAKC) – Bitpakcoin is a crypto currency.
27%3 hours ago
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    It is a scam - reported to the police


    Only success!


    Autohauswulfingkroth is a romanian fake company . The german criminal police could identify a romanian gang abusing german passports & ID from different people . They have no cars at all . Even their account was anonym in the POSTDEUTSCHEBANK . How they made that , the Bank is responsible supporting the GANG . Head of the Gang is not Danialkroth ,who does not exist but the very very smart internet terrorist from Romania AUREL LUCA . He him self gave a statement , as he with his gang were caught in Karlsruhe . If any one , was cheated contact the criminal police in Karlsruhe . Now you have the real DEBTOR AUREL LUCA born in 1.7.1978 .


    only positive emotions!


    I'm not interested any longer in PlaySicko please stop extortion from my account

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