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Seems this website does not existe anymore, but...

Good news! 90airmax.co.uk seems FREE to be registered! This domain used to be online but now seems it has been taken down. Last time we saw it online was 8 months ago (10-08-2018). You can check their old records bellow this message. Do you want to buy it and be the new owner? We can help you!

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  • Title Nike Air Max 90 Womens & Mens Trainers Sale UK | Nike Online Shop
  • Description Nike Air Max 90 Sale UK. Buy the latest cheap Nike Air Max 90 Womens & Mens Trainers at 90airmax.co.uk. Next day delivery.
  • Tags Nike Air Max 90
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    2058649877.mars.orderbox-dns.com ( US
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Reports made by other users

  • Raymond Woodruff

    I have tried several times on behalf of my son to contact 90airmax.co.uk but without success, it appears they do not have a customer service at all otherwise a reply would have been forthcoming, but it didn't. still trading, and how many others have been caught by this company...

  • lee woodruff

    I Bought two pair of trainers back in june, I received only one pair? and they were not what I ordered. And I am still waiting for second pair to arrive..Joke! as if they will after 3 months of waiting. A company that does not reply to any of my emails , even though they state 24/7 customer support?? in name only. I have not had one reply and don't expect to. I have raised this with my bank and they are dealing with it, they took my money quick enough but can't fulfill their obligations to customers..no matter how I try! I can't get a response from them, and the Trainers are 100% fake too...

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