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  • This website was created 2 years ago (2017-03-06)
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  • Organization Amazon
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  • Country United States US_flag


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  • SSL Certificate valid from: 23/08/2018 (10 months ago)
  • To: 23/09/2019 (in 3 months)

 Info: An SSL certificate is used to keep sensitive information (such as credit cards, passwords..) encrypted, so nobody can intercept it and steal it. This protects your data from hackers and identity thieves. An SSL certificate is fundamental for online stores.

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Reports made by other users

  • Anonymous

    I was told that I was going to get £2000 and it would be in my bank account and I asked him if this is a real site because I had been duped before and he said that it was...I can't believe I got duped again and now I can't unsubscribe from the site and £1.00 has been taken out of my account. I need to get rid of this website now and warn others don't trust this site..he promised to put money in my account and now I have been conned for believing in him.

  • Kathryn

    Unauthorised payments made. There doesn't seem to be anyway to stop the payments. Scammers

  • Anonymous

    just scammers

  • Anonymous

    Scammers , dishonest company.

  • marina socorro prol perez

    me suscribi y al momento ya no pude descargar nada. no se puede entrar a la pagina. Esto debe ser una estafa y no deseo que carguen nada a mi tarjeta de crédito.

  • Anonymous

    Fraudulent use of credit card


    Please, cancel my subscription and not charge me more.


    2018年8月よりAKAAD.NET13027224141 35.50 として4023円が引き落とされていますが、これ以上使用することはありませんので、退会の手続をして下さい。

  • stefano giorgini

    non voglio nessun vostro prodotto. non sono stato io a ordinarlo, o andrò per vie legali. quindi, voglio il rimborso di 49.50.

  • Anonymous

    Looking for Free books to read, I registered to Akaad.net. It asked me for my credit card data, arguing it was nevera to be used unless I decided to puchase a books. Les than 24 hours lateral I was charged by thise dishonest english company. It was no a gratis amount, it's the mischivious action.

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