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  • This website has been reported several times as an online scam. Buying online here is not advised.
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Reports made by other users

  • Aaron

    Please stop ripping off my moneyyyyy from my account ! I don’t know who you are !

  • Anonymous

    Never heard of the site only to find out they been billing me for $96.45 for the pass 2 months

  • Anonymous

    You have until march 26th 2018

  • Anonymous

    Don't take anymore payments from my account I have already notified the bank

  • Anonymous

    Cancel my subscription right now please

  • Robert Bryuant

    Cancel my subscription now! I will kill the credit card if you do not respond to by Monday January 29 2018. I do not want to get nasty but will if I have to

  • Anonymous

    Scam and fraudulent.

  • Anonymous

    Cancel this account. No more payments out of my account, bank has been notified.

  • Jean

    scam..can't understand how they got my credit card number...been scammed for 6 months for 200$

  • Basia

    The website sounded promising so I subscribed today for a five days" FREE" trial. After looking briefly through their book selection I realised that this is mostly junk. Movies are old. There was literally nothing interesting so I decided to unsubscribe. Unfortunately unsubscribe function doesn't work on this website. I checked my bank account and found out that I was already charged $1.35. Then I checked the reviews and my suspicion was confirmed. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. I canceled my credit card. It was a big lesson entitled "Always Read Reviews". Keep away guys from BUDDYPLAY

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