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Reports made by other users

  • Melissa Holland

    I've been working with cointeck 2 months ago with Steven and Frank, but had to cash out for personal reasons. Good collaboration. As an advice get an account manager while working with crypto. It is dangerous to do it alone, this is what they told me from the start, and I am happy I took it. Hope to get in touch with them again sooner rather than later. Good luck!!

  • Anonymous


  • Harry

    Good platform and broker, recommendation.

  • João

    I opened an account based on the promises that their legal department would gave me support for money chargeback against another broker (SITALIX). I invested 6k and they open 4 trades with the promise of 60% of gains up to the end of the year. Today I’ve lost almost all my funds and after interacting with 4 sequential different “accounts managers” nobody talks or take initiative to inform me about the chargeback process. So fay I think they haven’t this support service and they only want to get my money. Not amazing experience so far.... but???

  • Anonymous

    Platform with lot of fees. They have daily percentage fees to maintain your open position. Inactive fee which mean they with take 10 dollars if you are inactive for 60 days. For withdrawal of your money you need to be approved from their manager. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PAGE.

  • Paul McClenahan

    Successfully traded with them for a year and withdrawal requests are taking 48 hours maximum. +++++

  • Craig Fletcher

    I'm into the trading for 3 years, and I have never found better platform and service.. All recommendations.

  • Anonymous

    good trading website

  • Anonymous

    Scam they don't have experience in customer service My money is stuck there

  • Anonymous

    Amazing experience, now I stopped trading for a while, because of my situation with work. I withdraw what I had. Best brokers, always available, good rate. Definitly will go back soon. Greets!

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