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Reports made by other users

  • Ivan Novak

    I invested on cointeck.io 6700$ one week ago and until now everything is very ok. The people from there are acting very good with customers, they have a lot of patience and they are offering a very good guidance. I already succed to withdraw 2700$ because of some personal problems and the withdraw was immediatly, which is very good despite a lot of companies. I recommend it for people that lost money before...I lost a lot in other scam companies but now i have a good feeling about my investment. Good luck

  • DiegoRobric

    I've been trading for 2 months with these guys and it goes good, could withdrew around 1.3 btc that i made as profit from 1.1 btc invested. Martin for withdrawal you don't need them, you take the money to any crypto wallet you have.

  • Martin Hofer

    I sure can't withdraw my bitcoins. I've been trying to get them out the last 2 weeks. Nobody is returning my emails and calls. Please help me get my 7 bitcoins out from here.

  • Anonymous

    exeptional service, this is the only company that provided professional guidance that helped improve my trading skills...simply GREAT!!! I worked with a lot of companies, all had + and -, the majority of them were on the minus side... Good luck, all the best!!!!

  • jason

    so far so good. cointeck allowed me to buy bitcoin, to either hold it or trade it with a small leverage of 1:4. i've had a couple of bad experiences with forex before, so taking a small risk, is something that satisfies me. also withdrawal to another ewallet goes smooth. takes about 10 minutes. good enough for me i guess

  • Anonymous

    not sure why it has a bad rating. its support is amazing. just started off with them, will comment again if its ok or no. for now its good

  • Anonymous

    The website works quite well. Even though it is new, its functionality is great. I'm personally using it to trade ocasionally, but mostly for holding my money into an easy to use wallet. I can easily withdraw to a different wallet, under only 10 minutes.

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