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Reports made by other users

  • Anony

    I was randomly send a message from Ahmad221824_bubb on PSN. There are apprently 22 and said I "Sound cute", I asked them if they liked maple syrup and go no reply.

  • joey

    i was talking to this girl on psn and she was talking to me about a game called flintlock and she was talking pretty normal, and then in an instant she started asking me if i wanted to do something fun. so me being my age and all i continued. i new she was a bot the second she said she works online for cam stuffs, so i kept talking to her knowing that its fake. saying i wanted to make a $100 donation and saying stuff about the website (that i new nothing about) then i told her (it) its not working and gave her (it) a fake credit card number i pulled of the internet and i just really f***ed with her. i think they should fix this but i have a lot of fun doing it tho lol

  • Anonymous

    This site keeps leaking bots on to PSN and Xbox Live, it is very annoying, needs to end!

  • Anonymous

    I get messages on xbox live every couple days and the accounts always say the same thing and it tried charging me 40$ for a free account f*** that

  • xboxUSER


  • anon

    alright i knew it was a scam but i was still curios (dumb as f***) so me being an idiot i put in cc info to check out the site and then cancel the subscription right away but then when it said error invalid card, i realized what had happened there is no camsite they get your card info and "book" it

  • Anonymous

    Yeah on XBox a user by the name "OlivePuppet2967" talked to me for a while and asked me to talk to her on this website. She said she was 23 and had no gamer score or has played any games at all so seems kinda sketchy.

  • mike

    lol this is nuts i got the same 23 year old girl from xbox live, i just troll the f*** outta them its pretty fun

  • Anonymous

    Look out for AgnosticFish169 on Xbox live.

  • Joey Badass

    It’s a scam I got from PSN who claimed to be a 23 year old girl who wanted to live cam and redirected to this site . Then asked for credit card info. Don’t give it because it’s a scam.

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