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  • This website has been reported several times as an online scam. Buying online here is not advised.
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Reports made by other users

  • Anonymous

    I visited this website to watch a film and they people asked me a one month free subscription so I did it but later on from next day they people started deducting money like INR 70, 220, 200, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Signed up for free movie, they have now charged me 2 months in a row, which I have turned in to credit card, and can't find a number to contact them, I have contacted card company as did not approve them and they are trying to get it credited back to me. scammer, scamming, rotten trick.

  • Anonymous

    Charges your card without permission

  • Karen ryan

    I didn’t agree to sign up,now I’ve had money taken from my account .This is a scam.Going to my lawyer as they stole my money.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't authorize u guys to take my money off my card and I'm calling my attorney because this was something I thought that was legit to have but I don't want this subscription

  • Anonymous

    es una estafa nunca compren nada aqui cobran y cobran y no ve nunca lo que quieres estafadores

  • Anonymous

    This website stole my $16 this is fake first they said it was free but last they charged a lot i am harrashed from this website

  • Mercedes

    Alguien sabe como darme de baja de esa página. Porque yo nunca me registre pero me estan llegando al resumen de mi tarjeta 10 dolares de eaa pagina. Y no se como darme de baja

  • Anonymous

    Favor cancelar la suscripción y devolver mi dinero. No autorize a sacar ningún dinero. Soy Teresita Almodóvar.

  • beach grandpa

    They said they were free, but just need a credit card to confirm our address. The next day we had charges that were unauthorized on our credit card. They are a scam don't use!!

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