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  • Title Top Brand polo shirt for women men kids save 60 off - new style polo online outllet
  • Description This year the newest polo shirt, using the latest popular design, competitive price, shipped directly from the manufacturer, welcome customers to buy!
  • Tags polo women men shirt new style polo polo online outllet Brand polo
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Reports made by other users

  • MM

    I ordered a green gant polo shirt and received a grey fake nike polo. No answer to my emails. Please do not buy from them.

  • Pablo172

    I ordered three t-shirts that I was very happy to see on their website, which looked like a UK url. One week later a package arrived, clearly from the far east, and all three t-shirts bore no resemblance to the three I had ordered. Thinking it was a mere simple mistake, I have now sent three emails on their anonymous webform, none of which have been answered. Judging by previous feedback, this website would appear to be a scam - and I am actually slightly surprised they bothered sending anything at all.

  • john panayiotou

    I ordered 2 polo shirts from them which took almost 3 weeks to arrive, when they did I got 2 V neck Nike tops. Totally NOT what I ordered. Have emailed them 7 times regarding a returns procedure & not 1 reply. Package has come from China. Dodgy website with a UK link. DONE BUY, STAY WELL AWAY!

  • Anonymous

    I got shirts of wrong brand send from China. Bad quality and clearly a copy product.

  • Lenka

    I have the same experience. I ordered 1 Desigual polo shirt and get a shirt with totally different brand. On package is some chinese text wich is not readable. They do not comunicate at all. I have sent them about four emails to claim the delivery timming (I got the shirt after almost month) and the different brand, and did not get answer on any of my emails. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!

  • Dion

    I bought 2 polo's on this site. They delivered 2 polo's that I didn't ordered of a totally different brand. They don't want to give me back the money, they offered a discount of 20%. When I said I didn't want the polo's or a discount, but I wanted a refund, they aren't responding anymore on mails I sent. This site isn't reliable, don't buy anything from this company.

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