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  • Title TransferSafe.net - Safe Transfer
  • This website was created 5 years ago (2015-01-16)
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Reports made by other users

  • Anonymous

    Transfersafe is an ultimate scam web site.

  • Arthur Lavery

    Had $75 taken from my account, don't know what it was for as we don't buy online . this site is a complete scam

  • Anonymous

    I do not recall using this site and on checking my bank statement I see three withdrawals on the 11june each one for $75 a total of $225. P,ease discontinue you me mmediately and let me know what I am supposed to have purchased.

  • Anonymous

    Please inform me what I purchased on the 11June. Checking my bank statement I see where there are 3 withdrawals each of $75 a total of $225. I do not recall making any purchases and wish to be discontinued immediately. If you are unable to inform me of the 3 purchases I am supposed to have made I would appreciate the refund of $225 to avoid further action .

  • Anonymous

    I do not recall using this site and on checking my bank statement I see three withdrawals on the 11june each one for $75 a total of $225. P,ease discontinue you me mmediately and let me know what I am supposed to have purchased.

  • Joanne

    This website keeps taking out money from my account. I've always wondered what it was now I know. Isn't there anyway this site can be sued?


    Idon't recall subscribing to this and I wish unsubscribe from this site so please unsubscribe me from this and stop any further transactions

  • Anonymous

    This website transfersafe.net has been trying very hard to continually take money from my account and the last time I saw this, last month, I was able to have it resolved by my financial institution. But now they’re trying to take out more money in the last couple of days. I have no money in this account but it’s in debit now, because of the issue. I get paid tomorrow and I don’t wish to be down $75 for the second time. I was down $150 in two transactions and in the same day a few times in the past year. Somehow they’re getting past my financial institutions precautions because I have had this transfer safe.net attempting to take my money in the past few days. This is getting beyond a joke and I wish to report this website or merchant service as I do believe that it is a scammer hoping that people won’t check their account for withdrawals because we all have bills and some are more than likely around this amount.

  • Rachael

    I have had this merchant or company take $75 in two lots about a month ago and then I had my bank resolve the issue. Because I used no service by this name and then it’s again trying to take $75 in the last two days. I wouldn’t trust the merchant or company for it hasn’t sent me any emails, none at all, so I can’t even disputed the money that was taken. But luckily my financial institution was able to resolve this problem for me very quickly.

  • Anthony Keller

    This company has been taking money out of my account. I stopped my debt card details and they still took money out using a new debt card which they had no details. I initially got scammed because they offered $40 worth of groceries for $1. I got no goods but still had take out $75. Then they took another $75 after the card was cancelled.

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